Written Complaints raised by our clients against our audit teams decisions are categorized as Appeal. Appeals are looked into directly by the C E O. If the client is not satisfied by the decision regarding appeal, final appeal may be lodged with the Committee for safeguarding Impartiality.

Activity Response of SGI Responsibility
Client to submit appeal to the CEO or SGI in writing, by mail Or in person Registration of appeal in form: SGI/Appeal/F/01 Issue of acknowledgement of the appeal within 3 working days promising appropriate decision within 3 months CEO
Investigation Intimate the appellant about current status of the appeal handling process at least once in a month. CEO
Decision Making CEO to consult the Impartiality Committee, and to take decision accordingly, within 3 months. CEO
Notice of closure of appeal to the Appellant Appellant to be notified about the Decision. CEO
Appeal to Impartiality committee by the Appellant (if dissatisfied by the decision of the CEO) or Appeal against CEO Independent investigation by the impartiality committee and decision to be carried out by the CEO within one month of such appeal. Impartiality committee
Record maintenance Decision and subsequent action to be recorded in the Appeal Register. CEO